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The first thing to take into consideration is that all the players in the world have different qualities, be it speed, strength, reflexes, movement, hours of training, etc. There are many points that influence even the custom and knowledge of the players with their own equipment.

It is essential that when choosing your Equipment it is according to your abilities, for which you must know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

It is also essential that you know your style of play, you like to defend, perhaps attack or counterattack, play as close to the table as possible or at medium distance or you want to be further back because your strength is topspin blows loaded with a lot of effect.


When buying a wood you have to think that you are not the one who has to adapt to the wood, if not the opposite. The wood you use must be adapted to your needs, your rhythm and the training process you apply. You must think that the wood at the time of playing is an extension of your arm so you must know it and love it since it will be part of you.

I say this because there are people who buy logs because they are supposed to be the most top in the market and the players do not adapt and end up discarding them perhaps weeks after they have bought them, without considering that there is a really necessary adaptation process, the times and hours of training with the implementation, if they are fundamental and the rubbers used must

necessarily be commensurate with your abilities and the wood itself.


Here we will give some Tips so that you can understand what can best accommodate you for choosing your Madero.


Before we start, let's start with the First, choosing your Wood well will go hand in hand with the strategy you use to play your games in a good way. The type of strategy you use will determine the characteristics of the wood in terms of speed, control, spin and weight of the wood.

Do You Know Your Madero?

El LARC ITTF es la Lista de autorización de cobertura de raquetas de tenis de mesa, la cual cada Marca de fabricante o proveedor de Gomas de Tenis de Mesa debe realizar el procedimiento de Autorización con los formularios respectivo y pruebas técnicas, para que el equipamiento sea Certificado y aprobado para el uso de competiciones de tenis de mesa.

¿Qué contemplan estas pruebas realizadas por la ITTF ?

Existen distintas pruebas y requisitos técnicos a realizar para el recubrimiento de maderos (Gomas de Tenis de Mesa).

entre ellas estas las pruebas de Colores, las pruebas de Fricción, pruebas de VOC y de Espesor, también dependiendo del tipo de goma ya sea de granos de interior o de exterior se realizaran distintas pruebas. 

Una  vez realizado el procedimiento de autorización y cumplidos los requisitos técnicos se le asignara un numero a la Marca proveedora y un numero para el modelo.

Ejemplo   Marca       Modelo

                 001           001

En la Imagen Mostrada anteriormente podemos ver que la Marca Butterfly corresponde al Numero 14 y el Modelo Tenergy 05 corresponde al 001.

Para Xiom el numero de Marca es el 79 y el modelo Vega Pro es el numero 012.

Numero de Marca y Numero de Modelo en los caucho puede estar separado por el guion "-" o por espacio, junto al logo de ITTF.

Si quieres conocer el Listado Actualizado a la fecha para los recubrimientos de raquetas, puedes descargar el archivo  gratis Aquí.

Lista Autorizada de Recubrimientos de Raquetas LARC ITTF

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